Short Cycle Courses


Course Description


The short cycle course in Control Room Operations and  Emergency Responses in O&G Industry (CRO) provides the ultimate training and competency assessment of procedures and emergency response situations, with video recording and printed monitoring of the trainee performance. The use of a virtual control room improves the training effectiveness on both advanced generic and site specific dynamic simulations. Placing the operator in a control room, that closely emulates a standard environment, in conjunction with the use of telephone and radio links create a real-life and high stress

Course highlights

  • Provide on-plant instructions in process operations
  • Operate, monitor and remotely control of integrated process systems
  • Maintaining the safety of process operations
  • Isolate and reinstate process plant and equipment
  • Prepare integrated process systems for startup and shutdown
  • Managing process condition information
  • Responding to abnormal process conditions in upstream and downstream operations
  • Managing the response to incidents, hazardous conditions and emergencies
  • Control emergencies and critical situations

Available Offered Modules

  • Offshore
    Oil and Gas Production Platform
  • Refinery
    Crude Column
  • Industrial
    Chemical Reactors

Course Period

The course will take place at the academic year 2017-2018.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 20 hours and normally conducted within a week.


Course cost is 1.500€.


The course conducted within a virtual control room with a hi-tech simulator which costs more than 150.000€.



Application Form

Fill the application form (download) and send it along with the required papers (incl. in the application form) on


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